Lois are a four-piece rock and roll band from Nottingham comprising John Selby, Rich Spencer, Lee Matysiak and Adrian Maguire. Influenced by some of the greatest British and US bands ranging from the 60s and early 70s to the cream of today's talent, Lois have crafted a characteristic sound all of their own that blends a retro-tinged coolness with a fresh and exciting modern edge.

On attracting the attention of BBC Radio stalwart DJ Mark Radcliffe, he has championed the band on both his BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music shows in the UK, spinning their tunes to large national audiences regularly and noting that "Lois have managed to pull off that most difficult of tricks - sounding authentically retro whilst simultaneously being absolutely contemporary. Nice one lads"

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Guns of the Governer

Monkey Girl

Be True to Yourself

Live at the Bodega

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